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~Holywar Scanslations Project

The community for the Holywar Scanslations Project. This project is scanlating Oosawa Mitsuki's Seisen no Keifu manga for those who don't speak Japanese. This is a great manga, and the entire team is looking forward to bringing it to everyone out there! Holywar will release one chapter of Oosawa Mitsuki's manga a month,

You are encouraged to watch this community for updates, but only staff members can actually join it, for the sake of keeping things private before releases!

~Holywar Staff~

rosa_aquafire - Project Head, translator scanner, inserter, editor-in-chief
megaera_inc - Translator
summerwolf - Translator
catfight - Translator
neonclover - Auxillary Inserter
laylea - Auxillary Inserter
[pending] - Quality Checker


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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