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Holywar Scanslations Project's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Holywar Scanslations Project

Welcome to Holywar Scanslations, a project dedicated to brining Mitsuki Oosawa's incredible and beautiful Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu manga into English. This manga is an amazing story of love, hated, friendship, and betrayal. It's full of an amazing cast of characters. You don't need to be a fan of Seisen no Keifu -- or even of Fire Emblem at all to love this manga as the great story it is! Watch this community for information about our releases!
Lead Translator for July//Chapter 3 is: Megaera

Rosa Aquafire: Project head, scanner, insertor, translator, editor-in-cheif
Megaera: Translator
Iris: Translator
Summerwolf: Translator
Neonclover: Auxillery Insertor
Laylea: Auxillery Insertor
[pending]: Quality Checker [please contact Rosa Aquafire if you are interested in this job]

[*] Holywar Website

Coded by Laylea with help from the wonderful _imperfectx for this community~
Holywar Website hosted by Superbus @ Superbusnet

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[30 Jun 2005|01:11am]

Chapter 2 has come out one day early, everyone! Head on over to the releases page to pick it up!

We hope you enjoy this month's release, and we'll see you again next month! Thanks once again for all of your wonderful continued support!!
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Public Update: FIRST RELEASE! [22 May 2005|02:55pm]

Good news, everyone! Our first release is finished eight days early!! The Release pages of our website has both the script and the zip file of the scanslation!

Thanks again for your support, and we'll see you next month with chapter 2! Or maybe before that with some random news update!
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Public Update [20 May 2005|07:18pm]

We have actual content on our website, now! Hurray! Go us! The layout is ugly, cause I made it, and there are some text issues while using Mozilla, but still! Content = good!
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Public Update [20 Apr 2005|07:14pm]

I'd just like to say Hello, everyone, and welcome to Holywar Scanslations! We're really happy about having your support! Keep an eye on this community for updates and releases!

Official start date is going to be May 1st, I believe!

(Pimp this community out to all your friends! Even if they don't know Fire Emblem! It's a great manga, no matter what game it was based on! :3)
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